It’s a boutique aesthetic clinic in Hampshire that epitomises a luxurious-yet-practical charm. It’s an expert with over 15 years experience in skincare and beauty. It’s treatment options that use the highest-quality clinical products and cutting-edge technologies for true results.

It is Pamela Moss. It is Modern Beauty.

Pamela Moss

Since the beginning, Pamela has been focused on one thing: beautiful skin.

For almost two decades she has honed her craft in the beauty industry. Refining her work with clients in fashion, TV and film, Pamela is renowned for her bespoke facials and flawless faces. With a passion for nurturing both inner and outer beauty, Pamela has developed an uncompromising ability to deliver optimum skin health from the inside and make it look flawless on the outside.

Pamela is a highly qualified Level 4 Clinical Aesthetician and is well known as a facialist and beauty expert, appearing regularly in some of the UK’s most prominent magazines and her experience has contributed to numerous national awards.

From her boutique beauty space in Hampshire, Pamela marries the current principles of twenty first century science with classically proven treatments to provide her clients with personalised treatments and the ultimate in bespoke beauty service.



Pamela's philosophy for skin health stems from one very simple approach - to be comfortable and happy in your skin, its about looking and feeling your best whatever age you are.

With a totally bespoke approach, each treatment is acutely personalised with what she has found to be the best products, ingredients, techniques and equipment. Combining different therapies – old and new – with clinical grade products and procedures for a complete experience that delivers real results.

​Pamela firmly believes that in order to achieve optimal skin health you need an individual approach which is as unique as your skin. She will discuss your skin goals and tailor a treatment plan for you; this could simply be a monthly bespoke maintenance facial or a more tailored programme of combined treatments to treat a specific concern. One thing you are guaranteed is her total commitment to your skins wellbeing.

The Clinic

The clinic is centrally located in Hampshire yet hidden away enough to afford clients ultimate discretion. Surrounded by rolling countryside it is the perfect place to support Pamela's ethos of providing her clients with a private, stylish and relaxed environment in which you can discuss your skin health requirements.

The clinic itself is a light, spacious and tranquil environment where you are guaranteed of ultimate calm and escape. It's a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where you will never be rushed, Pamela allows generous appointment times so that all your skin questions can be answered and skin concerns met.

We are located discreetly in the village of Ropley in central Hampshire and have ample free parking directly outside.

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