Skin Ageing & Fine Lines

We will all experience skin ageing but whilst the natural ageing process is genetic and sadly can’t be halted, we can however influence the external factors which speed up the ageing process and leave us looking older before our time. Our lifestyle and environment are huge factors in how we look and are some of the main causes behind premature ageing. Our core treatments not only help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, but also tackles the existing signs of ageing, leaving you with a youthful-looking, future-proofed complexion.

What causes skin ageing?

Skin ageing is a degenerative process caused by intrinsic (chronological) and extrinsic (environmental) ageing.  These factors are something nearly all of us can relate to at some point, and contribute to the visible signs of skin ageing:

• A loss of skin firmness and elasticity

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Sun damage and pigmentation

• Irregular pigmentation and texture

• Large pores

• Dry skin

• Loss of facial volume

The cause of skin ageing is primarily due to a combination of factors including:

• Sun exposure

• Environment and free radical damage

• Lifestyle factors

The combination of factors above cause the production of collagen and elastin to breakdown, this  leads to lines, wrinkles and a loss of elasticity resulting in skin sagging.

At Pamela Moss Skin Health all of our treatments work to induce natural collagen and elastin production which combats the signs of ageing and leads to a more youthful, firmer and more hydrated skin. The most effective treatments are Microneedling combined with Phototherapy and Mesotherapy.

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