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Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers

Our injectables clinic is hosted by renowned aesthetic practitioner Dr Charlotte D'Souza.

Originally an Anaesthetist, Dr D'Souza now works solely in  Aesthetic Medicine and is a Level 7 Postgraduate in Injectables. Trained at the Harley Academy in London, Dr D'Souza has undertaken both basic and advanced training in botulinum toxins, dermal fillers and Profhilo® skin-remodelling.  

Her background as a doctor means she understands the detailed anatomy of the face and it is this, coupled with her gentle and detailed approach, that has earned D'Souza a coveted reputation and loyal following.

What is Botox? 

Botox® is a wrinkle relaxing injection primarily used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the face, primarily in the brow, eye and cheek areas. They work by relaxing the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles and are one of the most widely performed non-surgical procedures in the world.

We offer our clients the ability to achieve excellent results for their anti-ageing requirements and wrinkle reduction is one of the most effective treatments - your Botox® procedure can simply include a few injections to remove wrinkles around the frown lines, or for combined facial rejuvenation it is possible to combine Botox® with injections of dermal fillers which will help to reshape the face, giving a more youthful appearance.

Botox® and filler treatments are an easy, relatively pain-free process and a great solution for reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the face, primarily in the brow, eye and cheek areas.

The treated lines on your face will begin to soften over a three to five day period following the procedure and their appearance will further improve over the next two weeks. 

Alternative areas of application for Botox® injections is to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) under the arms where it is a proven method of preventing perspiration for up to six months at a time, or migraines. Please contact us for more information on treating either of these conditions.

The procedure is done during a 30 minute consult, and involves a few tiny injections into the areas of concern.

Topical anaesthetic is used prior to treatment for client comfort

Little to no down time.

You can return to work straight away.

Anti wrinkle injections

1 area - £200

2 areas - £250

3 areas - £300

Dermal Fillers from £200

Hyperhydrosis - please ask for details