8 Beauty Essential For Your Desk Drawer

Wherever you work your desk is usually a little home away from home, let’s face it you spend a lot of time there. Adorned with postcards, post-its reminding us of things to do, photographs and maybe even a stress ball. And if it can take this all this, why not an armoury of beautifying essentials?
Here are my top 8 must-have products every working women needs to ensure she has a full beauty kit at her disposal. Invest in these and they’ll take you from office drab to impromptu lunch date in an instant.
A mirror
An absolute given, and what better excuse to go shopping for a beautiful compact?
A multi-use makeup stick
My favourite is Nars The Multiple. These wonder sticks can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks for a totally pulled together look in an instant.
Your favourite lipstick
So you may carry lipsticks in your makeup bag, but if time is of the essence it’s worth having a spare of your favourite in your drawer. A slick of a fab colour instantly livens the face and gives you confidence.
Keep a travel size hairspray to smooth flyaway hair and sleek a look in a flash. One of my favourites is Elnett, which comes in a handy travel size too.
Hair brush and elastics
Pulling hair into a high ponytail is enough to take you from work to party. Rake your fingers through your hair and sweep up to the crown of your head, secure with an elastic and loosen bits out from the band to create a fashionably messy updo.
A good powder
A very light dusting of powder is all it takes to refresh your makeup and take away shine. Mac mineralize powder is a great choice.
Fresh breath spray
Because even though that mid morning coffee was heaven, you know you need it.
A refreshing makeup spritz
A spritz of one of these will refresh your makeup as if you had just applied it. I can’t live without these. Try Mac Prep and Prime Fix + or The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
So, as the motto goes “be prepared” – it’s time to stock up your desk.

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