The perfect red lip has, and will always remain, a classic style statement. It never dates. Yet how come such an iconic look still seems so daunting for us mere mortals?
For most of us it comes down to finding the right shade, applying it well and adding a large dose of confidence.
It shouldn’t be reserved for a glamorous night out or a film premiere, the key to making this look wearable during the day is keeping it modern. Pair red lips with a neutral eye and well defined eyebrows to frame the top part of your face, whilst the lips are the statement the whole look should remain balanced without your lips screaming for too much attention. Follow this and you’ll have a stylish look that’s easily wearable for any occasion.
How to find the perfect red lipstick
It is true that some shades of red lipstick look better on different skin tones but there are no hard and fast rules. Finding your perfect shade depends on a lot of things such as skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, so the best way to find your perfect red? arm yourself with some basic knowledge and go try some on!
Fair: This light skin tone with cool undertones works best with vibrant blue-based cherry reds as they contrast with pink undertones in fair skin to make lips pop, if you want a more grown up glamorous look try a cool cranberry tone that will warm up your skin. Try Tom Ford Cherry Lush
Beige: This skin colour with yellow undertones is most harmonious with a warm red, but can wear a cool red too. Try MAC Ruby Woo
Olive: Warm reds look best on this skin colour with green undertones, but cool reds look pretty too for a more understated look. Try MAC Lady Danger
Dark: Warm reds are pretty and dark skin can really pull off a striking orangey-red colour. Try NARS Red Lizard
How to apply the perfect red lip
As with any makeup look preparation is key. Start by rubbing your lips with an old toothbrush or micro exfoliant to clear any dry or rough areas, next add a dab of lip balm and leave for a few minutes to settle in. Blot your balm off and you’re ready to apply your lip liner. Lip liner will help to stop feathering around the edges of your lips so it’s worth investing in a lip liner that matches your lipstick.
Once you have lined your lips, apply your lipstick with a lip brush to really work the colour into the lips. Once you have a good all over coverage split a piece of 2-ply tissue in half and blot the lips. Apply again and repeat the blotting process again. This will help to ‘sandwich’ the colour to the the lips and maintain longevity.
And there you go, super red lips in just a few minutes…
But if you’re still nervous of going all out with a lipstick, try a red gloss or sheer colour like Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry, this will give you a sheer was of red that will ease you into the look gently.
So now all that remains is to channel your inner Hollywood goddess, pout your lips, and wear your new look with confidence!

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