Just in time for Halloween, guest artist Dorothy Claire (a special effects makeup artist) shows us how to achieve a zombie face and zombie bite using special effects makeup. Follow her step by step guide and make your halloween costume the envy of everyone!
Here Dorothy shares how she achieved the Zombie face look;

“After cleaning the face I started by apply the cuts. I used silicone, but gelatine or wax would also work. If you use wax you will need to seal with either liquid latex or a sealant. The silicone starts to dry in about 5 minutes so I do smaller amounts at a time. I apply the silicone with a spatula and smooth out the edges with a brush dipped in a little alcohol. Once you are happy with the application it helps to dab it with a stippling sponge before its finished drying. This helps take away some the shine and also give it a bit of texture to help it blend in with the skin. Then lightly powder, again this will help take off the shine.
I then start to paint inside the wounds and use different shades of red and purples and a little dark blue/black to add depth. I like to use alcohol activated paints, but you can also use cream based products. I often will use a bit of a mix of both.
After the wounds I apply a white base to the face. I used a cream product so applied with a slight damp sponge and set with a translucent powder. I blended darker colours around the eyes, the edges of the silicone and around the temples (greys, purples, blacks) I added some black eye liner to the water line and some black cream makeup instead of mascara.
As my models have beard’s I also added some white over them to bring the look together.
When I was happy it was ready I added the final touches with some fake blood to each wound and down the edges of the mouth.”
Next, and to really emphasise your look, Dorothy explains how she adds a zombie bite;

“I cleaned the skin and used a small amount of silicone in a slight semi circle shape to create the first half of the bite. I waited a minute or two before starting to the scrape away silicone with a spatula and making sure to drag it down the edges as I did so to create the teeth marks. As it started to dry I moved the surface of it around a bit to create the texture of damaged and ripped skin. I then powdered. I repeated this step for the other half of the bite.
I coloured the silicone with some skin coloured cream paint and a little shading, then set with powder. I used my alcohol activated paints to colour inside the bite. In a similar way to the face wounds, I used a mix of reds and some purples and blues to create the depth. I then used a sponge to add a hint of greens and yellows to make it appear infected. I like to rip little bits out of the sponge to break up the colour and I’ve also found a tooth brush works well for this! To get a subtle colour with the alcohol activated paints just use more alcohol.
Lastly I added the fake blood, and it’s ready!”

Products Used:
Third degree silicone
Kryolan Supracolour palette
Le Maq Pro – Dead palette
Skin Illustrator Alcohol Activated palette
NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder
Kryolan HD Blood
Fleet Street Blood Works Drying Paste
Mehron Coagulated Blood
For more of Dorothy’s work, follow her here

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