Microblading; also known as nano-blading, natural hairstroke eyebrows and embroidery brows, is a form of semi permanent makeup for the eyebrows.
Using a tiny handheld tool with minute needles on the end, a microblading artist will implant pigment into the top layers of the skin to create the effect of a hair stoke. Your own hair isn’t removed, the ‘bladed’ strokes are made through your existing hair, or in addition to it where needed, to visually bulk up patchy parts and create a full shape.
The benefits of microblading are that you get full looking, symmetrical brows, without the need to pencil in everyday. The effect can be anti-ageing too, there are different ways to draw hair strokes and one method is to use more of an upward stroke to create an illusion of lift and definition – this can take years off all whilst looking incredibly natural.
Another benefit to some people is that microblading is not as permanent as the machine method of semi permanent makeup which implants to a deeper layer of the skin and, as such, is much longer lasting. This may suit some individuals, but for those that would like a slightly more temporary procedure microblading can be a good option.
Results of microblading vary depending on your skin type and lifestyle but typically last anywhere from 12-24 months.
Before the procedure is carried out, your artist will consult with you and map/draw out the shape they will work to – this is very much a two way process and and your artist will work with you to create a shape you are completely happy with.
Pamela adds “There are many factors to consider when we design a suitable shape. I believe that the best looking enhanced brows are those that go completely undetected and look as natural and subtle as possible. I take into account thickness, arch, length and the colour/pigment that will be used to create a really flattering and beautiful brow”
“The consultation process can take half an hour (sometimes more!) measuring the brows and drawing on the shape so they are perfectly symmetrical. I have a method to determine how far apart they are in the centre as well as the length of the brow, and the all-important arch. Each face shape is different therefore every brow is measured specifically to suit that particular face”
The whole procedure takes around 2 hours; there is 20 minutes anaesthetic time which is a topical gel to reduce any pain during the procedure. Most people liken it to a ‘scratchy’ sensation and no worse than having eyebrows plucked.
After the initial procedure a further ‘top up’ appointment is required between 6-8 weeks later. This is to ensure that pigment is implanted fully and that any areas of the brows that have lost pigment (perfectly normal) are redone so that the brows are perfect.
Within two years the pigment in the strokes will have blurred into a soft and extremely subtle ‘wash of colour’. Oily skins break down the pigments and blur the ‘crisp’ lines at a faster rate than a dry skin type would. For that reason drier skin types get longer lasting results out of microblading.
Pamela Moss is a semi permanent makeup and microblading artist in Hampshire. She is known for her subtle, soft and natural looking brows that perfectly enhance your face and features.

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